Zimbabwe passport has expired and you need a new one (GROOOOOOAN !!!!!)Yes not a very pleasant exercise. Up to now it has been a process straight out of the most imaginative medieval torture book. But the government of Zimbabwe has just outsourced the production of passports to a private company and they promise the procedure should be much easier. We checked it out and this is what we found out and can share.
1.The passport office is now in the new Immigration offices corner L.Takawira and H. Chitepo offices in Harare
2.Cost is US$120 for passport issued in 7 days
3.Take your ID,Long Birth Certificate(originals only – no copies needed)
4.If you are a married woman take your original marriage certificate
5.For a minor they must be accompanied by their legal guardian, and have a long birth certificate
6.Expect a long queue, about 300 people are served per day but the queue is orderly with registry marshals monitoring and supervising them
7.The process starts with you going to the document check counter in the courtyard. If you pass this stage you are recorded and issued with a form confirming your documents are in order. You are then issued with a number for you to join the bank queue.
8.Your numbers are then called for you to enter the building where you first must pay.
9.After payment you again go through a document verification followed by the taking of your finger prints and picture. You are then given your receipt for you to collect in 7 days
8.the process has just started so we don’t know for sure if it takes 7 days as promised.
9.The statements that the process takes 2- 3 hours are rather far-fetched .We think you should budget the whole day. Also be prepared for them to tell you at about 2pm that their onsite bankers (CBZ) are closed  and therefore keep your number and come back the next day to complete the process.
10.There are touts and people looking for “a quick buck”. Resist the temptation and rather exercise patience, you will eventually be served.
11.As with all things there are a bunch of scoundrels who will jump the queue and look smug about it. Grit your teeth mutter a curse (real quiet though)under your breath and keep reading your sweet nothing on your phone. The loser is not worth your attention.

12.A word of caution keep your valuables secure as there are bag snatchers and pick-pockets who mingle in with the crowd.

13.The amazing thing is that the registry has kept its promise and you will get your passport in 7 working days. Again no need to pay touts for preferential treatment as the process of collection is about 45minutes to an hour.

14.As of 20/05/2022 the registry now offers this service in Chitungwiza and Bulawayo