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Intellectual Property

We are recognised in IP matters having over the last 25 years registered many well-known brands such as VW, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Akzo Nobel, Pfizer to name but a very few. We register trademarks and patents in Zimbabwe and ARIPO. We handle PCT applications.


Zimbabwe has a complex taxation system with different statutes dealing with different TAX heads. It is easy to become embroiled in disputes diverting your precious attention from your core business, our firm can take over this burden from you by giving you advice and if need be defending you in issues relating to VAT, income tax, capital gains tax and customs duties.


Zimbabwe is a rich mining territory with virtually every mineral found in this country. The mining industry is largely untapped and an area many investors would like to get into. As with any area with potentially high dividends there are potentially high risks as well. Our firm has the experience to guide you through this legal field to ensure you avoid any pitfalls and secure your investment.


Our firm is recognised for its ability and unique skills in appearing before the courts in Zimbabwe. We have argued cases relating to the setting of national elections, the confirmation of the sate president and many others. Our focus and dedicated approach we believe will put you at ease during complex and difficult court actions be they of a criminal, constitutional or commercial nature.


We handle commercial transactions be they local or international. Our years of association with legal firms in Europe, China, The Americas, and Asia allow us to handle many disputes of an international nature.

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