What is required in order to file a Trademark?  Application Form, Power of Attorney, 11 representations of the mark, and clear filing instructions sheet.

What documents are required to file a Patent?   Power of Attorney, provisional or final specification.

Should the Power of Attorney be notarized or simply signed?  Simply signed.

When does protection of intellectual property begin?  Upon registration, protection commences from the date of filing.

How many years of protection do registering give an applicant?  10 years on renewable for Trademarks.  20 years for Patents.

What are the advantages of registration?  In respect of Patents, Trademarks and Industrial Designs, one may sue for infringement.  In Zimbabwe, unlawful use of Patent, Trademark or Industrial Design attracts a criminal penalty, a fine and/or imprisonment.  A Court may also order a person who infringes to hand over to the owner of the intellectual property, the infringing goods and the equipment that was used to manufacture those goods.

What are the advantages of filing a utility model rather than an industrial design?  Quicker, very simple and less expensive.

What is the turnaround time for queries?  Our office prides itself in responding to all queries within 48 hours of receipt. 

How long does registration take for Patent?  12 Months. 

How long does registration take for a Trademark?  12 Months for ARIPO and 6-8 months for Zimbabwe.

How long does the registration process take for an Industrial Design?  12 Months for ARIPO and 5 months for Zimbabwe.

What language is acceptable for filing with ARIPO?  English.

What language is acceptable for filing with Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Office?  English.

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