As previously reported the registry has been beset by serious challenges over the past 3 years. These were mainly due to failures due to system crashes to the IPAS system.

There were major crashes in 2022,2023 and 2024.Prior to that there was the COVID emergency between 2020 and 2021

The crash in 2023 lasted between April to October 2023 and was particularly serious in that the office suffered a data loss for the previous 3 years. Data was only recaptured with the assistance of WIPO and manual records. This year the system again crashed from March 2024 and was only restored in June 2024.

These system crashes have resulted in the failure to clear a backlog that goes back to 2019.This has resulted in the following delays

*Delays in issuing filing certificates and application numbers of up to 7 months

*Renewal certificates delayed for up to 2 years

*recordals such as name changes delayed as in the case of renewals

*Adverts delayed for 2 years

*Processing of oppositions delayed for 3 years.

*Registration certificates delayed for 2 years

*Numerous errors on certificates due to incomplete digital records


Registrars Solutions

*Wipo conducted staff training

*The registrar has migrated from having his own server, which was slow and incompatible, to the IPAS cloud version which appears to be faster and more interactive.

*Registrar to engage additional staff to assist with the backlog

*Registry to go virtual in the next 12 months

Way forward

The Registrar has started processing again but asks that the public bear with him whilst he clears the backlog. Some documents may contain errors and he is happy to correct these. We understand the frustrations caused by the delays, but we are hopeful the Zimbabwe office will once again regain its longstanding reputation of efficiency.